An in depth look at the most effective way to train to meet your goals, and understanding the theory of cyr wheel and how skills relate to each other.

My goal with this workshop is to create an understanding of how certain skills translate and progress to others, and how to train the prerequisites to certain skills to reduce frustration and set-backs when attempting the more advanced moves. A basic example of this is the understanding of Montreal Waltz before attempting skills such as Develope or Fouette or their progressions such as Flag/Drapeau. An advanced example of this is the understanding of Handwaltzing before attempting Dark Coin or it’s progressions (i.e. Backhandspring is NOT the prerequisite)

I will format the workshop into a one-hour lecture with half the time being practical application, covering a variety of popular “Goal-skills” from different skill levels and movement families (i.e. skills that in my experience coaching, are both tricky to master and look really good and therefore are desirable to learn)