May 20-23, 2022

Boulder, CO









Connect. Explore. Level up.

The annual CYRS & BEERS event is a 4 day training intensive crafted for you, to connect with other wheelers and influential members of the community. Led by a team of highly prolific coaches and fueled by the ambitions of every participant, CYRS & BEERS is the place you go to level up your skills with other wheelers from all over the world. The opportunities are endless.

Not knowing when the dawn will come 

I open every door

― Emily Dickinson

Level 2 Requirements

  • Continuous waltz control (12+ steps)
  • Coins/small spiral
  • Cartwheels/big spiral
  • Half-turn

Level 1 Requirements

  •  Center spin for 3 rotations
  • Continuous waltz for 3 steps on each foot

101 Requirements

No real requirements, just bring yourself.

If you need us to provide a wheel or have any questions, contact us.


The Coaches

Eric is one of those magical people of influence behind the scenes that has had, and continues to have, a massive impact on Cyr Wheel as a craft and the culture of Cyr Wheel artistry..


Head Skill Coach
Angelica is an internationally acclaimed, mult award winning, iconic Cyr Wheel superstar. She is known for her elegance and depth in her choreographed performances, and She has done so much for the art of Cyr Wheel...


Level 1-2 Coach
Courtney Giannone is one of the hardest working people we have ever met. She is a true artist and a fantastic coach with a real understanding of how to help others create their best work...


Head Creative Coach
Charlie Wheeller is a true pioneer of the craft and a living legend amongst the international Cyr Wheel community. He is constantly feeding his enjoyment to create and explore the wheel and what is possible while spinning...

Charlie Wheeller

Level 1-2 Coach
Sam Tribble is one of the most influential Cyr Wheel coaches and equipment craftsman in the United States. He has had a huge affect on the availability of Cyr Wheel in America, having built hundreds, possibly even thousands of quality wheels for students all over...

SaM Tribble

101/Level 1/Physical Prep Coach
Jen is a phenomenal artist and coach with a track record of successfully guiding aspiring Cyr Wheel artists from beginner through advanced skill levels. She has a wonderful sense of knowing what each student needs to hear...

Jen MacQueen

Level 1 Skill Coach

ustin Dale began his career as a competitive Tae-Kwon Do fighter and Musical Theatre Actor, choreographing fight scenes and stage stunts. At 15 he discovered fire performing and circus and would never look back...


Level 1-2 Coach

What to expect

After registering for the event, our team will assign you to specific class blocks. Your schedule will be emailed to you 1 week prior to the event, and leading up to this you will receive several emails with details to help prepare and get the most out of your experience at CYRS & BEERS. Each day you will have approximately 4 hours of class time. The remaining 2 hours are up to you. Open gym space will be available every day.

In-Person Training

Group warm ups every day

Creative development/ Choreography training

Skill Development

Physical prep and injury prevention

Business Guidance


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What is a Cyr Wheel?

The Cyr Wheel is... a device that allows circus performers to execute a virtually infinite number of acrobatic figures, each more complex and awe-inspiring than the last.

(source: Cirque Éloize)

The Cyr Wheel is a single large ring made of aluminum or steel with a diameter approximately 10 to 15 cm or 4 to 6 in taller than the performer using it.
(source: Wikipedia)

What is CYRS & BEERS
Short Answer:

Four days of cyr wheel workshops led by highly prolific coaches, and one evening of friendly competition with prizes.

Full Answer:

CYRS & BEERS is an event that enriches the foundation and perspective from which aspiring artists build their career and seasoned professionals further their ambitions.

The cyr wheel community is growing rapidly, with innovative techniques and styles popping up all across the world on a regular basis. Many wheelers know of each other from social media or word of mouth, but it is very rare that we meet up as a group to collaborate and learn together.

The annual CYRS & BEERS event is a special occasion for you to meet up with other wheelers for an all-inclusive cyr wheel focused training intensive, complete with a friendly competition.

During this 4-day event, experienced coaches lead you through a curriculum of important subjects that include but are not limited to…

  • skill development
  • choreography
  • creative approaches to training
  • business
  • physical preparation/maintenance

When not in class, you have access to open-gym where you can drill skills and collaborate with other wheelers from all over.

At CYRS & BEERS you have the unique opportunity to perform/compete in a live competition during one of the evenings.

BATTLE AT THE BREWERY is a cyr wheel competition held at a separate venue where people can gather to watch the "battle" and enjoy craft beverages from local breweries. This competition is judged in different categories, and competitors have had the opportunity to win prizes such as a brand new custom-built Cyr Wheel and even a full 3-day training experience in California.

Whats with "BEERS" part?

The "CYRS" part is pretty obvious.

The "BEERS" part holds a little bit more meaning.
"BEERS" alludes to the spirit of having drinks with good people, and gives attention to the importance of connecting with each other after training. Its the spirit behind cheers, prost, or santé. We should all toast to each other for our accomplishments and lift each other up.

You don't have to like beer or any alcoholic drinks to be welcomed into this event or join in on this toast. Whats important is that we come together and wish one another the best.

(Just for the record, no one is ever encouraged or permitted to use a Cyr Wheel while drinking or impaired. Alcohol is only for spectators, during the BATTLE AT THE BREWERY.)

Do I need a COVID-19 test or vaccination to attend?

As of right now, NO.

This will be updated to the most current requirements when registration opens up this March. Please see our COVID-19 policy for more information.

There is the possiblity that these requirements can change just before CYRS & BEERS takes place. Our organization will maintain any local regulations or requirements given to us by our venues. Please be aware of these possibilities when choosing to register. We will do our best to accomodate everyone. Thank you for understanding.

Are participants required to wear masks?

As of right now, masks are OPTIONAL.
We will maintain any local regulations or requirements given to us by our venues. Please see our COVID-19 policy for more information. Thank you for understanding.

Are spectators allowed to watch?

Spectators are not permitted during any of the training portions for this event. We wish to respect everyone's privacy and believe that having any spectators can make it more difficult to focus during classes.

Spectators ARE encouraged to join all of us for BATTLE AT THE BREWERY May 21st (more info coming soon)

Who can I talk to about more information?

Feel free to email any questions or schedule a 10 minute call appointment with Dominic here on the contact us page.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes, we do have a refund policy. Please check out the info on our refunds & returns page.