Get Ready to Spin:
What You Need to Know About CYRS & BEERS

CYRS & BEERS is an annual event that brings the Cyr Wheel community together for workshops, competition, and camaraderie. Led by highly experienced coaches, the event offers aspiring artists and seasoned professionals the chance to enrich their skills and perspectives.

Bringing the Cyr Wheel Community Together

The cyr wheel community is constantly evolving, with new techniques and styles popping up all over the world. But it’s not often that wheelers have the chance to come together and learn from each other. CYRS & BEERS offers just that – an opportunity for you to meet up with other wheelers from all over the world and create magic.

An All-Inclusive Experience

CYRS & BEERS offers a comprehensive training intensive, with workshops led by the most prolific coaches in the industry. These workshops will challenge aspiring artists and help seasoned professionals take their skills to the next level. Coaches will lead classes on a variety of subjects, including skill development, choreography, creative training approaches, business, and physical preparation/maintenance. In addition to the structured classes, you will have access to open-gym where they can drill skills and collaborate with other wheelers from all over.

To top it off, the event concludes with a friendly competition, giving you the chance to showcase your skills and compete for prizes.

Join the Cyr Wheel Community at CYRS & BEERS

CYRS & BEERS is an opportunity for Cyr Wheel enthusiasts to come together and engage with this growing community. Whether you’re new to the craft or a seasoned professional, this event will provide an atmosphere for growth and development. Don’t miss out on this chance to be a part of these epic moments.

In the spirit of Cheers

Get ready for a night to remember at Battle at the Brewery.

This electrifying competition is your chance to showcase your skills and be recognized for your achievements. But this isn’t just about competition, after the battles, raise a glass in the spirit of connection and camaraderie with fellow wheelers and fans. 

About the Organizers

Event organizer Dominic Del Signore

Event Organizer

Dominic Del Signore

Dominic Del Signore

Event Organizer

Dominic Del Signore is co-founder of Homestead Circus Productions and creator of the CYRS & BEERS training event. As a Cyr Wheel artist himself, Dominic is highly enthusiastic about the culture and supportive nature of this community.

Event organizer Rikki Morehouse

Event Organizer

Rikki Morehouse

Rikki Morehouse

Event Organizer

Rikki is the all around, behind the scenes badass. She creates the websites, branding designs, and all the nitty gritty organizational stuff that makes this event possible

The CYRS & BEERS event is organized by a dedicated team of professionals with a passion for Cyr Wheel and the growing community. With years of experience and expertise in the field to the events, attendees are ensured to receive the best training and overall experience possible. With a focus on creating an inclusive and supportive environment, the organizers aim to bring the Cyr Wheel community together to share skills, knowledge, and ideas. Attendees can expect a well-run and memorable event that will leave them inspired and motivated to continue their journey in the world of the Cyr Wheel.


We’ll answer any questions you have, but these are the most frequesntly asked.

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What is a Cyr Wheel?

A Cyr wheel is a circus apparatus consisting of a large metal hoop that is spun and manipulated by a performer while inside, on top, under or just generally nearby the wheel. The wheel is often used in contemporary circus and acrobatics performances to create visually stunning and dynamic displays of balance, strength, and movement.

What is CYRS & BEERS?
Short Answer:

Four days of cyr wheel workshops led by highly prolific coaches, and one evening of friendly competition with prizes.

Full Answer:

CYRS & BEERS is a 4-day event that brings together cyr wheelers from all over to enhance their skills, knowledge, and perspective in the art form. Experienced coaches lead workshops on subjects such as skill development, choreography, training techniques, business, and physical preparation. Participants have the opportunity to practice and collaborate with one another during open-gym sessions. The event culminates in a live competition, BATTLE AT THE BREWERY, where competitors perform in front of an audience and have the chance to win awesome prizes!

Whats with "BEERS" part? The "CYRS" part is pretty obvious.

The “BEERS” part represents the spirit of coming together over drinks and building connections with one another after training. It’s a symbol of celebration, acknowledging each other’s accomplishments and lifting each other up. It embodies the essence of cheers, prost, or santé. But of course you don’t have to be a beer (or even an alcohol) fan to join in on the fun. The idea is to come together and uplift each other, no matter what’s in your cup.

Please keep in mind that using a cyr wheel while under the influence of alcohol is NOT ALLOWED and CYRS & BEERS does not support or endorse such behavior. This rule applies to all events, including the Battle at the Brewery.

Are spectators allowed to watch?

Spectators are not permitted during any of the training portions for this event. We wish to respect everyone’s privacy and believe that having any spectators can make it more difficult to focus during classes.

Spectators ARE encouraged to join all of us for Battle at the Brewery.

Who can I talk to about more information?

Feel free to email any questions or schedule a 10 minute call appointment with Dominic here on the contact us page.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes, we do have a refund policy. Please check out the info on our refunds & returns page.