2023 Coach Announcement Coming soon!

Your coaches at the CYRS & BEERS training event are a team of highly accomplished leaders who are passionate about cyr wheel and 1000% committed to your success.

2022 Coaches

Eric is one of those magical people of influence behind the scenes that has had, and continues to have, a massive impact on Cyr Wheel as a craft and the culture of Cyr Wheel artistry..


Head Skill Coach
Angelica is an internationally acclaimed, mult award winning, iconic Cyr Wheel superstar. She is known for her elegance and depth in her choreographed performances, and She has done so much for the art of Cyr Wheel...


Level 1-2 Coach
Courtney Giannone is one of the hardest working people we have ever met. She is a true artist and a fantastic coach with a real understanding of how to help others create their best work...


Head Creative Coach
Charlie Wheeller is a true pioneer of the craft and a living legend amongst the international Cyr Wheel community. He is constantly feeding his enjoyment to create and explore the wheel and what is possible while spinning...

Charlie Wheeller

Level 1-2 Coach
Sam Tribble is one of the most influential Cyr Wheel coaches and equipment craftsman in the United States. He has had a huge affect on the availability of Cyr Wheel in America, having built hundreds, possibly even thousands of quality wheels for students all over...

SaM Tribble

101/Level 1/Physical Prep Coach
Jen is a phenomenal artist and coach with a track record of successfully guiding aspiring Cyr Wheel artists from beginner through advanced skill levels. She has a wonderful sense of knowing what each student needs to hear...

Jen MacQueen

Level 1 Skill Coach

ustin Dale began his career as a competitive Tae-Kwon Do fighter and Musical Theatre Actor, choreographing fight scenes and stage stunts. At 15 he discovered fire performing and circus and would never look back...


Level 1-2 Coach