Justin Dale

Level 1-2 Coach

Justin Dale began his career as a competitive Tae-Kwon Do fighter and Musical Theatre Actor, choreographing fight scenes and stage stunts. At 15 he discovered fire performing and circus and would never look back. Justin started Cyr Wheel in 2009 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, teaching himself to spin on a 4×4 slat of plywood. In 2010 he auditioned for the National Circus School in Montreal and was accepted for the DEC program (somehow, he’s still not sure why) After three years with the finest coaches, Justin graduated in 2014 and has been working internationally as a performer and coach. In 2016 he won the Wheel Gymnastics World Championship for Team Canada. Justin now performs for companies around the world, and runs 2 companies of his own; Justin Dale Performance and Le
Cirque de la Nuit.

Justin’s philosophy of cyr wheel is to push the limits of what is possible, yet believes that there will never be an end to the creative power that comes from the global community of wheelers. Outside of the circus, Justin enjoys DJing, historical fencing and brewing meads and beers.

Justin Headshot

Catch Justin’s upcoming shows in Canada:

April 22, 2022 in Calgary Alberta

Le Cirque de la Nuit presents their latest signature production: Époque. A dazzling tale of a time-traveling inventor, who just may learn that flitting about through the fabric of time may bring unintended consequences. Featuring the live music of Balkan Bump and Illvis Freshly, this immersive party-turned-spectacle is something you shouldn’t miss! Tickets on sale now: https://www.showpass.com/le-cirque-de-la-nuit-2/ 

July 8, 9 in Calgary, Alberta

Justin Dale Performance presents its first ever feature length production: KENOPSIA. A 60 minute one-man show, KENOPSIA refers to the forlorn feeling of a usually bustling place that now stands empty. Built on emotions surrounding the pandemic, this contemporary high contrast show attempts to shine a light into the mind of an artist in crisis. Tickets to go on sale in the spring!

July 22 in Salmo, BC

Le Cirque de la Nuit is beyond proud to open the brand new Village Stage at Shambhala Music Festival. After the pandemic and related set-backs, Shambhala has built a brand new monster stage to host talent such as Beats Antique, Glitch Mob, Excision and more. Le Cirque de la Nuit will perform the opening ceremony show and christen the dance floor for this year’s Shambhala.