A break dance battle inspired cyr wheel competition at Boulder’s first ever food truck park, beer garden, and live music venue.



This is a single match 1vs1 elimination style competition.
There will be a preliminary match where everyone gets to throw down for 30 seconds. Then the judges will decide who goes on to the main event. 8 competitors will be chosen for this.

The rules are pretty simple
– Have fun
– Be kind
– No nudity
– No drinking alcohol before competing
– No do overs
– Keep control of your wheel so eveyone else is safe
– Pretty much anything else goes. Get creative
– Have fun!

Remember that we are all here together in good faith and good fun.

Dirrect any questions to

  • Overall champion
    Awarded to the winner of the 1vs1 single match elimination
  • Best costume
    Awareded to whoever the judges vote has the best costume. Have fun with this!
  • Comedy
    So funny! Much humor! Make us laugh and win this category.
  • Audience Favorite
    The audience will have a chance to participate and vote for their favorite competitor.