Circus Pro Launch Pad: Website, Instagram & Booking profiles

Coach Ileigh Reynolds

Feeling stuck on what to include on all your digital platforms?

In this actionable workshop, we’ll talk about effective website content and functionality, how to create a performer portfolio on Instagram, and how to best present yourself on booking sites.

You’ll learn about different ‘jobs’ a website can have and the user experience, and walk away with an outline of what to include, or how to improve your site. Please note, this is not a technical, how to build a website class. It’s focused on content and navigation.

No website yet? No problem! We’ll talk about how to use Instagram like a website and set up a professional performer portfolio. We’ll also cover what to include in a profile and stand out on booking sites.

Bring a laptop or a notebook and pen, and if we have time, Ileigh can give feedback on one or two participant’s websites.

Instructor Ileigh Reynolds