Ileigh Reynolds

Workshop Instructor

I’m Ileigh (eye-lee)(she/her) and I’m a business coach for circus entrepreneurs. 

I’m passionate about helping circus artists bring their big bold visions to life! I want to help you take the busy out of business and be more impactful with your time and money so you can spend more time in the studio and on stage feeling confident that your business is serving your needs.

At Circus Boss, my wife Brock and I specialize in supporting freelance performers and companies booking entertainment at events, and circus coaches and aerial studios with their finances, marketing, and sales strategies. 

How did Circus Boss start?

I performed for other companies for years, with a career as divergent as my thoughts! From modern dance, physical theater and circus, to performing arts venues, cruise ships and the events industry, I loved my time choreographing and performing throughout the US, South and Central America, and the Caribbean. 

But in my heart I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and start my own company. So, when I finally took the leap in 2006, I learned the hard way that my BFA in Dance, and all my performing experience hadn’t taught me jack sh*t about running my own business! Since I was so headstrong, I figured it all out, and learned a lot of things the hard way. At one point I even fell into debt, but I turned that around, and ended up running a wildly successful award winning event entertainment company. 

With Animate Objects Productions, we designed and produced entertainment for Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Expedia and a gazillion more high profile clients. 

Now, after 25+ years of performing and 15 years of running our company, we’re sharing our business knowledge and paying it forward to the next generation of circus innovators.

You’re a boss in the studio and on stage, and we’re here to help you rock your biz like the Circus Boss that you are!

Ileigh Reynolds
Business Coach & Chief Inspiration Officer
at Circus Boss