Angelica Bongiovonni

Level 1-2 Coach

Angelica is an internationally acclaimed, mult award winning, iconic cyr wheel superstar. She is known for her elegance and depth in her choreographed performances, and she has done so much for the art of cyr wheel. She was the first person to perform aerial cyr wheel acts all over the world, and tenaciously continues to spread the love of her craft

Angelica grew up in Los Angeles, California. Performing has been Angelica’s dream since her debut on fixed trapeze as the youngest circus performer in the L.A. Circus at the age of 7. Angelica attended Ecole Nationale de Cirque in 2007, being one of the first females to study cyr wheel. She has won 23 awards in 11 different international circus festivals in Europe, Russia, China and Canada. As well, she was the finale of Italian TV taken show, Tu Si Que Vales.

She has also performed in Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Luzia’, Cirque Eloize’s ‘Cirkopolis’, 45 degrees special events, and multiple variety shows in Europe. She seamlessly blends dance, movement, and circus acrobatics displaying grace and femininity.