Jef Everaert

Special Instructor

Jef’s journey with the Cyr wheel began in 2015 at the Circus High School in Leuven. Fueled by his passion, he journeyed to Italy to attend the Flic preparatory school in Turin, before graduating from the prestigious Centre National des Arts du Cirque in France. During his time in school, Jef’s focus was on pushing the limits of what was possible with the wheel, with inspiration from the likes of Stefan Kinsman, Juan Ignacio Tula, Marica Marinoni, and Marianna De Sanctis. With a background in juggling, Jef approaches the wheel like no other, treating it like a prop, not just an acrobatic apparatus. Fresh off his graduation, Jef is now on tour with his graduation show, and embarking on his first professional project with Marica Marinoni.

Marica Marinoni doing a cyr wheel trick