Marica Marinoni

Level 2 Coach

Marica Marinoni born in Milan (Italy) in 1995. Since she was a child she finds her passion in Trampoline Elastic that she practice at a competitive level for 8 years. Once the obligatory education is over she discovers the existence of a professional circus school in Turin; the Flic. There she begins her professional career by choosing as speciality the Cyr wheel of which she falls madly in love with until now.

In 2016 she is admitted to the national circus arts center in France (CNAC) where she get her degree in performing arts. In season 2020 she’s in a tour all around France with a show directed by “Galapiat Cirque”. In 2021 She starts working as an Interpreter for the Company Scom in the creation “Trait(s)” and with the company “lest filles du renard pale” For the show “Revolte”. In 2022 she released her first solo as an author, “Lontano”, co-created with Juan Ignazio Tula with whom she is currently touring.

Marica Marinoni doing a cyr wheel trick