Jen MacQueen

Level 1 Skill Coach

Jen is a phenomenal artist and coach with a track record of successfully guiding aspiring cyr wheel artists from beginner through advanced skill levels. She has a wonderful sense of knowing what each student needs to hear. Her passion as an artist and coach has her constantly creating wonderful productions and opportunities for her students as well.

Originally an elite-level competitive gymnast, Jen discovered a love of performing at a young age. After completing her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Dance and Movement Education, she moved on to a successful performance and choreography career in New York. Eventually, Jen found the circus arts; she picked up a Cyr Wheel and never looked back. Today, Jen continues to evolve by studying the art of coaching Cyr wheel under Eric Deschenes.

Jen owns/runs Akrosphere Aerial & Circus Arts (where she coaches cyr wheel) in addition to working as an actor and choreographer in Atlanta, GA. She can usually be found sweating, spinning, swearing, and occasionally splayed on the floor in or under her wheel.

Coach Jen MacQueen